McNugget Buddies!

In Episode #4, Heather talked about her favorite Halloween decoration, the McNugget buddies from her childhood! Here’s a pic!

Rhett the puppy re-decorates!

We mentioned this photo in Episode #4. Our puppy Rhett loves chewing on things, and when she found this Halloween decoration, she had a blast!

Heather's Tattoo!

In Episode 2 Heather and I talked about the tattoo she got on her wrist. It’s the phrase, “Love & Happiness.”

I think it looks awesome! Here’s a pic.

Ugandan Crane Tat!

We mentioned in Episode 2 that Patrick has a Uganda Crane tattoo on his arm.

Here’s a pic of that crane (which is the National bird of Uganda, displayed on the very center of their country’s flag.) We love the land & people of Uganda!